Our pride is the experiences of our grandparents , our specialty in continuous creative , our logo is truth and regularity , our way for the best always , to make name of gold in food world

for this algota company was tree with Lush shadows , the first seed planted in the nineties of the last century , which started from packing the local and imported spices , and growth in produce natural dried foods like mallow and okra and many other from natural foods , relying on the expertise of our grandparents and advice from medicine in drying the natural foods is best and most health and safest way in the world of nutrition .
The company growth in produce medicine herbs 100% free of Chemical , and produce many mixtures like falafel mixture,kibbeh nayeh mixture,crispy mixture and chicken mixtures , also shami meals like kabse,freekeh and kishk .
Then we have expanded our business by producing various jams,breadsticks,sweets, halvah and tahini , specialty in producing many varieties of liquid and solid molasses (pomegranate, dates and raisins), dried fruit and pickles .
Then we have continued to the summit after the extended shadow of this company to the whole world, reaching our products to Europe, America, Asia and most of the Arab countries.

And we promise that the company will live up more and more and never cut her giving and effort in producing because she depend on truth and regularity in working



Emptying the contents and add egg and one tablespoon of butter, a cup of water and then mixing the mixture well until it becomes a...

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Dried Mallow

Quantities: mallow , meat or chicken ( as desired ) , fresh coriander – or dried , garlic, ghee , salt ,...

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Original Freekeh

Quantities: 1 K.g of red meat or chicken meat – ghee – salt - Spices ( Dried Onion - Cinnamon Sticks - Carnation Seed -...

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Latest News & Events

  1. GulfFood dubai 2012

    Participation Al-gota company in Gulfood exhibition in 2012 ...

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  2. Tasting campaign in Damascus in 2007

    Campaigns tasting Al Gota company in Damascus in 2007 , where the company identifies their products to consumers and taking their view in it . ...

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  3. Food Expo Damascus

    Participation Al-gota company in Food Expo exhibition in several years ...

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Rich in salts and minerals and can be used for the prevention of diseases, it also contains a compound carotene, which is one of anti-oxidants...

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Black pepper

Ground black pepper is as important as vinegar and chili in the regulation of the movement of the intestine, due to the active ingredients in...

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